1. 45- Delete Files in Python

  1. Create files in Python
  2. Write data files


  1. Read Files in Python
  2. ReadLine() Methods in File
  3. Close Files After Read

  1. File Handling in Python
  2. Open Methods

  1. What is PIP in python
  2. What is Package
  3. How to Install PIP and Packages
  4. How to get installed packages list
  5. How to uninstall packages

40- Input in python

  1. JSON in python
  2. Convert from Python to JSON
  3. Format the Result
  4. Order(Sort) the Result

38- Math in python

  1. Datetime in python
  2. Datetime Custom formatting with  strftime() Method

  1. What is module in python
  2. Create module
  3. Built-in Modules

35- Scope in python

  1. Introduction on inheritance in Python
  2. Parent class and child class


  1. Exception Handling in Python
  2. Try block, Except block, Else block and Finally block
  3. Types of exception

  1. The __init__() Function in class
  2. The __str__() Function in class
  3. Built-In Class Attributes

31- Classes and Objects in Python

  1. Anonymous Function/Lambda Function in Python.
  2. Why Use Lambda Functions

29- Recursion Functions in Python

  1. What is functions.
  2. Function with arguments/parameters
  3. Arbitrary Keyword Arguments
  4. Function with return values.

  1. For Loop in Python
  2. Break Statement with For Loop
  3. Continue Statement with For Loop
  4. Range function with for loop.
  5. Else Statement with For Loop
  6. Nested For Loop

  1. While Loop in Python
  2. Break Statement with While Loop
  3. Continue Statement with While Loop
  4. Else Statement with While Loop

  1. Conditions and If statements in Python
  2. Elseif Statement in Python
  3. If-Else Statement in python
  4. Short hand if-else statement in python
  5. Nested if-else statement in python

What is Dictionary & Create Dictionary  in  Python
How to Access Dictionary Items
How to Change Dictionary Items
How to Add Dictionary new Items
How to Remove Dictionary Items
Loop Dictionaries
Copy Dictionary
Nested Dictionaries

What is Set & Create Set in  Python
How to Access Items from Sets
How to Add Items in Sets
How to Remove item & sets
Python - Loop Sets
Python - Join Sets

What is Tuples & Create in  Python
How to Access Items from Tuples
How to Change/Add/Remove Tuples values
Python - Unpack Tuples
Python - Loop Tuples
Python - Join Tuples

  1. Get Items from List using Loop
  2. How to Sort Items in List 
  3. How to Copy List one list to other
  4. How to Join List
  5. Other List Methods

  1. What is List in  Python
  2. How to Access Items from List
  3. How to Change Items in List
  4. How to Add Items in List
  5. How to Remove Items & List

19- Membership Operators in Python

18- Identity Operators in Python

17- Logical Operators in Python

16- Comparison Operators in Python

15- Assignment Operators in Python

14- Arithmetic Operators in Python

13- Operators in Python

12-  Escape Characters in Python

11- String Formatting in Python

10- Data Type Conversion or Type Casting in Python

9- Numbers, String and Boolean Data Types in Python

8- Data Types in Python

7- Variables in Python

6- Comments in Python

5-Indentation in Python

4- Get Started Python Development with Azure Databricks Notebook

3- Started Python coding with Visual Studio Code

Download and Install Python on Windows

What is Python
Features of Python
Application of Python