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Most quickly asked short AWS interview answers for freshers and experienced

Question 1. What is the default storage class in S3?
Answer: The default storage class in S3 in Standard frequently accessed.
Question 2. What is the maximum file length in S3?
Answer: utf-8 1024 bytes
Question 3. which activity cannot be done using autoscaling?
Answer: Maintain fixed running of ec2
Question 4. How will you secure data at rest in EBS?
Answer: EBS data is always secure
Question 5. Can objects in Amazon s3 be delivered through amazon cloud front?
Question 6. Is EFS a centralised storage service in AWS?
Answer: Yes
Question 7. What is ephemaral storage?
Answer: Temporary storage
Question 8. Where can you find the ephemeral storage?
Answer: In Instance store service.
Question 9. When do I prefer to Provisioned IOPS over the Standard RDS storage?
Answer:If you have do batch-oriented is workloads.
Question 10. What is glacier?
Answer: Glacier is the back up or archival tool that you use to back up your data in S3.
Question 11 By default how many Ip address does aws reserve in a subnet?
Answer: 5
Question 12. What is meant by subnet?
Answer: A large section of IP Address divided in to chunks are known as subnets
Question 13. How can you convert a public subnet to private subnet?
Answer: Remove IGW & add NAT Gateway, Associate subnet in Private route table
Question 14. Is it possible to reduce a ebs volume?
Answer: no it’s not possible, we can increase it but not reduce them
Question 15. What is the maximum size of messages in SQS?
Answer: The maximum size of messages in SQS is 256 KB.
Question 16.  By default how many Elastic Ip address does AWS Offer?
Answer: 5 elastic ip per region
Question 17. You are enabled sticky session with ELB. What does it do with your instance?
Answer: Binds the user session with a specific instance
Question 18. You have chosen a windows instance with Classic and you want to make some change to the Security group. How will these changes be effective?
Answer: Changes are automatically applied to windows instances
Question 19. Where does the user specify the maximum number of instances with the auto scaling Commands?
Answer: Auto scaling Launch Config
Question 20. Which are the types of AMI provided by AWS?
Answer: Instance Store backed, EBS Backed
Question 21. After configuring ELB, you need to ensure that the user requests are always attached to a Single instance. What setting can you use?
Answer: Sticky session
Question 22. If I am running on my DB Instance a Multi-AZ deployments, can I use to the stand by the DB Instance for read or write a operation along with to primary DB instance?
Answer: Primary db instance does not working.
Question 23. Which the AWS services will you use to the collect and the process e-commerce data for the near by real-time analysis?
Answer: Good of Amazon DynamoDB.
Question 24. Let to Suppose you have an application where do you have to render images and also do some of general computing. which service will be best fit your need?
Answer:Used on Application Load Balancer.
Question 25. Load Balancer and DNS service comes under which type of cloud service?
Answer: IAAS-Storage
Question 26. Which type of load balancer makes routing decisions at either the transport layer or the Application layer and supports either EC2 or VPC.
Answer: Classic Load Balancer
Question 27. Which is virtual network interface that you can attach to an instance in a VPC?
Answer: Elastic Network Interface
Question 28. What is the use of tags and how they are useful?
Answer: Tags are used for identification and grouping AWS Resources
Question 29. What does the Connection of draining do?
Answer: The re-routes traffic from the instances which are to be updated (or) failed an health to check.
Question 30. When the instance is an unhealthy, it is do terminated and replaced with an new ones, which of the services does that?
Answer: The survice make a fault tolerance.
Question 31. What are the life cycle to hooks used for the AutoScaling?
Answer: They are used to the put an additional taken wait time to the scale in or scale out events.
Question 32. An user has to setup an Auto Scaling group. Due to some issue the group has to failed for launch a single instance for the more than 24 hours. What will be happen to the Auto Scaling in the condition?
Answer: The auto Scaling will be suspend to the scaling process.
Question 33. Which of the services to you would not use to deploy an app?
Answer: Lambda app not used on deploy.
Question 34. How do the Elastic Beanstalk can apply to updates?
Answer: By a duplicate ready with a updates prepare before swapping.
Question 35. EBS: its block-level storage volume which we can use after mounting with EC2 instances.
Answer:For types please refer AWS Solution Architect book.
Question 36. How many Policies can be attached to a role.
Answer: 10 (Soft limit), We can have till 20.
Question 37. What is the maximum file length in S3?
Answer: utf-8 1024 bytes
Question 38. which activity cannot be done using autoscaling?
Answer:Maintain fixed running of ec2
Question 39. How will you secure data at rest in EBS?
Answer: EBS data is always secure
Question 40. One of my s3 is bucket is deleted but i need to restore is there any possible way?
Answer: If versioning is enabled we can easily restore them
Question 41. Is it possible to stop a RDS instance, how can I do that?
Answer: Yes it’s possible to stop rds. Instance which are non-production and non multi AZ’s
Question 42. I have some private servers on my premises also i have distributed some of My workload on the public cloud,what is the architecture called?
Answer:Virtual private cloud
Question 43. Route 53 can be used to route users to infrastructure outside of aws.True/false?
Answer: False
Question 44. Is simple workflow service one of the valid Simple Notification Service subscribers?
Answer: No
Question 45. which cloud model do Developers and organizations all around the world leverage extensively?
Answer: IAAS-Infrastructure as a service.
Question 46. Can cloud front serve content from a non AWS origin server?
Answer: No
Question 47. which service is used to distribute content to end user service using global network of edge location?
Answer: Virtual Private Cloud
Question 48. What are shards in kinesis aws services?
Answer: Shards are used to store data in Kinesis.
Question 49. Which AWS service will you use to collect and process ecommerce data for near real time analysis?
Answer: Both Dynamo DB & Redshift
Question 50. An high demand of IOPS performance is expected around 15000.Which EBS volume type would you recommend?
Answer: Provisioned IOPS.
Question 51. What are the different ways to access AWS.
Answer:3 Different ways (CLI, Console, SDK)

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