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What are the types of User Define Function and difference between a nested UDF and recursive UDF in SQL server?

There is three type of user define function in sql server:
1. Scalar
Deterministic UDF: UDF in which particular input results in particular output. In other words, the output depends on the input.
Non-deterministic UDF: UDF in which the output does not directly depend on the input.
2. In-line UDF:
UDFs that do not have any function body(BEGIN...END) and has only a RETURN statement. In-line UDF must return 2D data.
3. Multi-line or Table Valued Functions:
It is an UDF that has its own function body (BEGIN ... END) and can have multiple SQL
statements that return a single output. Also must return 2D data in the form of table variable.
Difference between a nested UDF and recursive UDF:
  • Nested UDF: calling an UDF within an UDF
  • Recursive UDF: calling an UDF within itself


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