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What is order by function in SQL in English and Hindi


SQL order by function in Engilsh

The "ORDER BY" function in SQL is used to sort the result set of a query in ascending or descending order based on one or more columns. Here's an example:

Suppose we have a table named "students" with the following columns:

To sort the students by their age in ascending order, we can use the following SQL query:

This will return a result set with the students sorted by their age in ascending order:



SQL order by function in Hindi

"ORDER BY" function SQL mai ek query hai jo result set ko ek ya ek se zyada columns ke basis par ascending ya descending order mai sort karta hai. Yahan ek example hai:

Maan lijiye ki humare paas "students" table hai jismein ye columns hain:\

Ab hum "students" table ko unke age ke basis par ascending order mai sort karna chahte hain. Iske liye hum is SQL query ka upyog kar sakte hain:
Ye humein ek result set deta hai jismein students unke age ke basis par ascending order mai sort kiye gaye hain:

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