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SQL SERVER - Find Nth Highest Salary or 3rd Highest Salary of Employee

This question is quite a popular question and it is interesting that I have been receiving this question every other day. I have already answer this question here. “How to find Nth Highest Salary of Employee”.

--Get 3rd maximum salary using sub-query:

SELECT TOP 1 [Eid] ,[Salary] FROM
(SELECT TOP 3 [Eid] ,[Salary] FROM [TestDB].[dbo].[Employee] ORDER BY Salary DESCAS Emp


--Get 3rd maximum salary using CTE:

Using CTE above query can be re-written as follows:


  ;WITH Emp([Eid], [Salary]) --Column names for CTE, which are optional
    SELECT TOP 3 [Eid], [Salary] FROM [TestDB].[dbo].[Employee] ORDER BY Salary DESC

 --User CTE
  SELECT TOP 1 [Eid], [Salary] FROM emp ORDER BY Salary ASC




SQL Script for employee:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Employee]
    [Eid] [float] NULL,
    [Ename] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
    [Salary] [float] NULL

INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([Eid], [Ename], [Salary]) VALUES (1, N'Neeraj', 45000)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([Eid], [Ename], [Salary]) VALUES (2, N'Ankit', 5000)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([Eid], [Ename], [Salary]) VALUES (3, N'Akshay', 6000)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([Eid], [Ename], [Salary]) VALUES (4, N'Ramesh', 7600)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([Eid], [Ename], [Salary]) VALUES (5, N'Vikas', 4000)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([Eid], [Ename], [Salary]) VALUES (7, N'Neha', 8500)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([Eid], [Ename], [Salary]) VALUES (8, N'Shivika', 4500)
INSERT [dbo].[Employee] ([Eid], [Ename], [Salary]) VALUES (9, N'Tarun', 9500)





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