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How to create a PostGres instance using cloudshell in gcp?

In this article I am going to explain how to PostGres instance list in google cloud(gcp) cloudshell command.



gcloud sql instances create [INSTANCE_NAME] \
--database-version=[DATABASE_VERSION] --cpu=2 --memory=8GiB\
--region=[REGION] --root-password=[password123]


--database-version = POSTGRES_9_6, POSTGRES_10, POSTGRES_11

--region = REGION; default="us-central"  More



 gcloud sql instances create prod-instance \
--database-version=POSTGRES_9_6 --cpu=2 --memory=8GiB \
--region=us-central1 --root-password=[password123]



Creating Cloud SQL instance...done.
Created [].



Thank You

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