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What is append actually in azure data factory with demo


Append Activity in Azure Data Factory in English:

In Azure Data Factory, the "Append Variable" activity is a built-in activity that allows you to append or concatenate new values to an existing variable. This activity is used in pipeline workflows to modify or update the values of variables during runtime.
Use the Append Variable activity to add a value to an existing array variable defined in a Data Factory or Synapse Analytics pipeline
The "Append Variable" activity enables you to add new values to an existing variable, instead of overwriting the existing value. This is useful when you want to store a collection of values or when you want to gradually build up a string.
To use the "Append Variable" activity, you need to specify the name of the variable you want to append to, as well as the value that you want to add. The value can be a static string or an expression that generates a dynamic value

Append Activity in Azure Data Factory in Hindi:

Azure Data Factory me Append activity ek aisa activity hai jo aapko ek specified data store (array variable) me ek existing variable me data append karne ki anumati deta hai.  


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